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My Essay woooo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

learning to love you more

I thought this was a very interesting site. It was fun and cool and it was "funky" you could say. I enjoyed looking at this site "Learning to love you more". Although i didnt really understand some of the posts like Assignment#19 which said "Illustrate a scene or make an object from Paul Arensmeyer's life story." I thought that was kind of weird because how does that allow to "learn to love you more ". It just didnt really make sense although there where a bunch of cool ones like "make a paper replica of your bed". I just dont understand how that would make you love more but at the same time when you think of it just gives you a bunch of fun and outgoing things to do. It even gives you how to's at the bottom of each assignment. Although when reading a lot of the other posts that we see in the site their are a lot of helping things that actually make someone feel better about themselves because it is all about doing good. The site is full of excitement and well doing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Body a Wunderkammer

This was kind of a weird site .... a little tmi not going to lie. I dont know who would put this info online its kind of creepy. I mean in a way its kind of creative, although out of the loop its a very strange thing to do. Its very artsy and a great way to express personal feeling, although is it something to post online ? I thought it was creative how it was broken down into different body parts and different stories to each part of the body. I kind of feel like she was doing this for attention.
This is a never ending story there are all these little links that lead to another story. Which is cool its like a different way to tell a story. It kind of makes me think of a an online novel. Shes very sexual in this site/story. You dont get the idea behind who she is when you first start reading it, its kind of weird. I was kind of uncomfortable reading this. I dont know what else to say. Although it makes me think has she created other online novels? This is a different site not going to lie.
She talks about her body and not being able to have a penis and branched out on talking about the divide between the sexes and how it isnt fair. Although shes talking about physical factors.
The site itself is created to seem as though you are creating a story of your own by reading hers, there is no order of reading the links because it is a site that one link branches into another linked story of her experiences.

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Facebook has opened the doors to many people to connect with one another. Although it has allowed its openness to create a fault. Many issues arise with having a facebook, you can place yourself at fault for posting things that can hurt your future. By posting a faulty picture/post you can hurt your future when it comes to terms of getting a job. On the other hand Facebook and other social networks are a great way for people to connect if used wisely. Yes I say wisely because you never know how protected your posts on facebook can actually be. This is can create a great issue and deal by allowing certain people to see your information can create a very bad position to allow people to use your information to their advantage to hurt the person using the sites. You put yourself at risk by using social networks if you do not use it in the proper manner.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wikipedia useful or not?

Wikipedia is a site that we all have come across at least once in our lifetime. We have used it as a site to direct us in the questions we have. Yet how reliable is this site? Although it is a site that has a lot of valid and useful information it carries. People have used it as a reference in papers and in other projects as students, so how credible can it actually be? The fact that it allows people to go on and edit what is going on with that topic, how can you tell if what the people are saying on the site to be true? A lot of questions come up with the topic of Wikipedia, because some people are not able to differentiate between what is true and what is false. Some people can be opinionated on the subject at hand that can be very offensive to other people. When writing people are have to allow themselves to be very middleminded when writing.


I thought it was interesting seeing how people had first used sites such as YouTube. Seeing that the first video was of a man who took pictures of himself everyday for I believe 6 years! Thats insane how do you remember to take pictures of yourself for 6 years everyday!!! Seeing how the Numa Numa dance had been the most famous video on the Web and to see how people have posted and used the site to do their own videos and how much sites like YouTube have created a new like and a new door to people. It has created a new door for people and I think thats a very interesting thing. YouTube has created a door to people to see past what they where able to see before. People are able to see fashion shows streaming live, you where able to watch the Royal Wedding from start to finish Live as well as other details. It is a great site ! Even when it comes to watching music videos and opening up doors to other things it is an amazing tool.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Annotated Bibliography & Abstract

2011, 11th October. "Internet Not a Threat for Fashion | Lismore Technology | Tech News for Lismore, Australia | Northern Star." Northern Rivers News, Weather, Sport and Local Classifieds | Northern Star. Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.
This article is about a woman who owns a boutique. She talks about how the fahsion industry is not being harmed by the interent. She expands on her idea of how the role of fashion is on the designer not on how the internet is facing it
"Fashion Journalism." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.
This is a Wiki definition on what Fashion Journalism is. Since Wikipedia is open to who ever to change the meaning its interesting to see what people post as what they believe the meaning is. This is a great example to plug into my project, even though it is an example of how fashion journalism has changed, it is a great way to see the insite of others.
"How Are Bloggers Changing Fashion? | NET-A-PORTER.COM - YouTube." YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.
This video is a great insite on what people in the fashion industry feel about fashion bloggers. They put their opinions on how they are opening new horizons and helping out the fashion world. This is a great way to tie my project together with the information gathered here with actual insite on thos who are in the fashion industry
Kosonen, Elisa. "A SERIES OF 30 YEARS OF FASHION'S DEFINING MOMENTS." Full Text Electronic Journal List. Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.This Article goes over the chance of the fashion industry throughout the years. It expands an idea behind how the social media of Blogging has created and expanded the industry. This is a great article for my project because it hits one of my main points. The point of allowing the average Joe to be able to put their own work out there and be credited for it.

(60), In Scopus. "ScienceDirect - Business Horizons : Users of the World, Unite! The Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media." ScienceDirect - Home. Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.This Scholarly article goes over how social media is making a change in society and how it goes about that way. This article is good for what my project entails because it goes over how the social media has created doors and opportunities for people. Although it does not specifically go over how the fashion industry has been effected, It still consists of very viable information that would be a great use for my project.

"Fashion Blogs Turn Internet into Catwalk." Chinadaily US Edition. Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.This article goes over how the fashion industry has opened doors with allowing the internet to take over. Although magazines are still up and running they are in competition with blogs because they are cheaper to handle and obtain. This article is great because it goes over everything that im trying to get out for my project. It entails information about different examples and ways the social media has effected the fashion industry.

"Website." The Internet Fashion Database (IFDb). Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.This is a great website which is an example of how the internet has helped and opened doors to others that are outside of the fashion industry. I thought it was a cool way to search up things that have to do with fashion. The fashion industry's own personal database
"The High Low » How The Internet Has Changed Fashion PR." The High Low. Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.
This article goes over how the internet has changed the fashion world in public relations. The article expands a little on the idea behind how twitter and facebook have been playing a role in the fashion world. It talks about how it has expanded and allowed it to the brands to get in touch with their customers. This articles is based on one of the factors of what my essay is based on making it a very valid use to my project.
"Ripped High Wasted Short Tutorial." Web log post. Web.
Tumblr is a great way to show how people outside of the fashion world have put their useful ideas out into the world. They open a door to blogers to create their own ways of doing things and posting them out there. This is a great example as a way that any average person can be a pro at what they do.
"Social Media Is Fashion's Newest Muse -" Information for the World's Business Leaders - Web. 13 Oct. 2011. <>.
This article expands on how social media has created a conection with the consumer and the designer. They give examples such as Marc Jacobs changing his size line to a bigger one to expand to a larger group of women. The whole idea had came about from a tweet on his page wishing that he had larger sizes. I believe this can be a very useful fact that will help me with my paper.


            There are many questions that come about in my essay that tie both the Internet and Fashion. The major question that my project faces is, how much has the fashion industry changed since the use of the Internet? The fashion world has opened its doors to all by allowing the Internet to take place and has used it as a tool to get to its customers. As well as let people put their opinions and their talents to good use by being able to blog, vlog, and create their own tutorials on their way on “how to” in what ever it may be design, style, makeup , etc… Sites like Twitter and Facebook have created a way for anyone to get in touch with their favorite designers and actually help them out.
            If there is one thing that interests me the most about my project is how much more people are able to get involved with the fashion world. You are able to use sites like Facebook to keep in touch with your favorite designer. As well as sites like YouTube where you can watch a full length fashion show. Before the internet was created only the elite where able to get a first hand view of theses fashion shows. Although now it is open to who ever is interested, which has allowed you able to keep up with the latest fashions and trends.
            There are many articles and different blogs that I have as a use of evidence that show the extent of how much the internet has allowed the fashion world to emerge. It has created a different approach to getting through to the Designers customers and has created a gateway for them to improve and get ideas on what to do with their products. One of my major examples found in an article is how a customer posted on Marc Jacobs twitter saying how they wish he had larger sizes in his clothing line, he then created larger sizes to meet the needs of his customers. The Internet has created a door for anyone to put their say into what is going on in the fashion field.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

annotated bib rough draft

Peng, Tina. "A Fashion Blog Leads to the Paris Runway - Apr. 23, 2009." CNNMoney - Business, Financial and Personal Finance News. 23 Apr. 2009. Web. 06 Oct. 2011. <>.

The article from CNNMoney is on a blogger Rumi Neely who launched their own website and fashion blog. They ended up turning their blog into a business because of how many followers they had. This is a great article on the business in the fashion industry. It ties in the ideas of using blogging and the outcomes of what could actually happen with using blogs and having people actually follow that agree and are intrigued with your ideas on fashion. I think this is a very useful article for my project because it deals with one of the major topics I am trying to cover. The idea of how the Internet is opening up doors to people to use their talents to expand the fashion industry and to get their ideas out.

"How Social Media Has Changed the Logic of Fashion." Benvenuto in Les Cahiers Fashion Marketing. Web. 06 Oct. 2011. <>.

This article is pretty much easy to explain it cover the logic behind fashion. It talks about how it has opened up the door to outsiders of the fashion industry to put their opinions into what they might think is creative and such. Also it talks about how the Fashion Industry also can not ignore the internet too because it is emerging and taking over practically every industry. I think this is a great article for my topic. It covers practically every point I am trying to make in my paper. I feel like a lot of points made in this article are going to be extremely useful.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project Ideas

One of the key questions for my project is how much has the fashion industry been affected by social media especially with the internet? Does it allow people to adapt to new fashion styles and designs that are in or is it just there? Have tutorials and Fashion Blogs really helped people? To that question I would have to say Yes; considering I myself have used Youtube Fashion Tutorials on "How To's" in order to figure out how to do my makeup a certain way or even how to cut out a Tshirt and make a funky design. Has the Internet really changed and advanced the fashion world? Thats my main point I am trying to get across.

So far what I have liked about my project is actually doing the research and finding out cool things about the fashion industry. Seeing as you are able to watch a fashion show online streaming live during Fashion Week in New York City it amazing to me. That was something not available to the public but only to those who had connections or where at the top of the line celebrities and fashion designers. To be apart of it from the comfort of your own home is amazing to me. Also how many people have fashion blogs, everyone has their own take on fashion especially when you are searching the internet you find everything and anything about a certain style done differently.

People have been more aware of what is going on around them in the world with the internet and being able to get a hold of these tutorials, blogs, and fashion videos its really opening a door to people and their ideas. You have people branching out and giving advice setting themselves up on their own with out anyones help and if they are good enough they will make it. Thats what Youtube has set itself up to be. A gateway for people to explore and find themselves.

Something that is a great example of how the internet has helped the fashion world not only to the consumers but the designers. I found an article that basically was saying how a customer/fan posted on Marc Jacobs Twitter page saying how they wish they had bigger sizes. Marc Jacobs went out and created a line for larger sizes to not only attract the thing but also the busty women so that everyone can enjoy his designs. He expanded and has benefited him just as much as it has benefited his consumers. I find this very interesting considering how much people spend worrying about how they look that a designer is suiting to them not the other way around.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rima's Abstract Ideas

Thinking about my abstract I think I have to expand on the Idea behind my project being, how social media and the internet has expanded and allowed the Fashion Industry to expand and improve. Using site like Facebook and Twitter to get intouch with the customers, the fashion industry has improved its sales tremendously. Then I want to expand on how people use the internet as a tool as well, not only to follow other people in the fashion world and connect but to also be apart of it and get tips and advice on how to get a certain look. How to obtain that look for less as well and where to find certain things. Also how sites such as Youtube, allowing regular people like you and me be able to get into that world by being able to watch fashion shows online streaming live, it is not only for the rich and famous anymore but also for that "average joe".

Those are some of the ideas i would like to get involved into my abstract and in my project as a whole. The internet has opened up a door for people to get in touch with others in the Fashion world allowing them to not only benefit themselves but also to benefit the people that own the company's.

Lessig Ch 6-8

I thought this section of Lessig was very interesting especially when reading about the "war against VCR". He brings up Netflix which I thought was very interesting, considering its my main source of watching TV shows and Movies. Its really interesting to see what it has become and you dont really notice how much of an impact sites like this have. I never buy DVD's or movies from Blockbuster or from the movie store anymore because you Have the movie at the tip of your fingers. Especially being in College you have no time to actually go out and spend money on movies anymore.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Project in relation to Lessig

My project is similar in relation to Lessig to what he is talking about because of how the topic im using "Fashion" is being spread out and put into the media in different ways. Whether it be on youtube or in a written manner as a step by step direction in doing something. Lessig talks about the 3 layers of writing with the blog post -> tagging a link within a blog -> collection of whatever you are hyperlinking. The message is being sent across by doing all these things, people look at your blog they take whats being put on it to their use especially in the fashion blog they are mostly on "how to's"

Response to Lessig Ch 3-5

This was an interesting read considering how much we use the internet today especially to get music and read books and articles. Its funny tho in Ch 3 when he talks about downloading music and Napster and the sprout of itunes how its changed from being illegal to download music to finally becoming legal but at a certain price. Although we still download illegally. I dont know many people who still dont use sites like lime-wire or Frostwire to obtain music for free. Even sites like Netflix has come about to bring a new idea to watching movies for free legally. Even Youtube being sued and bloggers about posting videos up about the oscars how their was a legal suit because of items that are copywritten the whole idea of getting video clips and watching movies off youtube being put by viewers instead of the companies producing them theirselves.
When going onto chapter 4 on the topic of "asking permission" for using quotes from written material i think the idea is a little much. When writing papers many people tend to expand on the idea with quotes used by other people. Its just normal and a norm, why should we have to ask who said it if we could use it, thats what work citeds are for.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughts on Trailer

Im thinking of basing my project on how the internet has been used as a major tool in the fashion industry. Especially when it comes to tutorial's and on how to's with style whether it be makeup, fashion, or hair styles of right now. It allows everyone to be updated on the latest fashion and what/what not to wear. By using youtube as well as using other sites it allows us to be in the now.

I Thought it was interesting finding how major fashion companies have sought out using different social media sites to fix their brand up and make it better for the consumers. As I found in one article Marc Jacobs had a tweet post from a consumer saying that they wished that Marc Jacobs had larger sizes for women. So with that Marc Jacobs went out and decided to create a whole line for plus sized woman to in a sense attract and expand this consumers so that they too can enjoy his clothing. That was a smart way to find out what the people wanted and it also was a great way for the consumer and the owners to kind of work together in order to benefit each other. So I find it every interesting how this whole Social Networking has allowed the fashion industry to expand its boundaries with its consumers. With this being said, I want to base my project on how all these Networks and the Internet has allowed the Fashion Industry to expand and go above and beyond and actually get in touch with its consumers by using different sites and attracting more buyers as well as getting to the needs to its consumers quicker. Not only that but also by attracting people to go out and put their fashion sense out to give ideas to others by using blogs and tutorials and how to's

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I thought that this reading on Lessig was very interesting. Our whole generation is built up on borrowing works of others as well as ideas. Understanding that it is not always stealing that just claiming an idea or backing it up by using someone else's work with the same idea. Lessig says "That we need to call a truce so that normal behavior is not considered criminal, and he's right because people are being prosecuted because of these copyright laws , especially students in college.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Digital Natives

Growing up as a kid we didnt really look into the computers we had been using all our lives until we hit High School as well as the end of our Middle School years. When AIM and Myspace had its way to take over ones life and consume everyones social time and stick to the computer. Although now as a college student the web is not only your basic tool for your own interest in the social network world, but also as a way to interact with teachers and finish homework and use the right tools to allow you to get research papers as well as exams done. Being "green" its allowed everyone in the world practically to communicate with one another easier.


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