Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Response to Lessig Ch 3-5

This was an interesting read considering how much we use the internet today especially to get music and read books and articles. Its funny tho in Ch 3 when he talks about downloading music and Napster and the sprout of itunes how its changed from being illegal to download music to finally becoming legal but at a certain price. Although we still download illegally. I dont know many people who still dont use sites like lime-wire or Frostwire to obtain music for free. Even sites like Netflix has come about to bring a new idea to watching movies for free legally. Even Youtube being sued and bloggers about posting videos up about the oscars how their was a legal suit because of items that are copywritten the whole idea of getting video clips and watching movies off youtube being put by viewers instead of the companies producing them theirselves.
When going onto chapter 4 on the topic of "asking permission" for using quotes from written material i think the idea is a little much. When writing papers many people tend to expand on the idea with quotes used by other people. Its just normal and a norm, why should we have to ask who said it if we could use it, thats what work citeds are for.

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