Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project Ideas

One of the key questions for my project is how much has the fashion industry been affected by social media especially with the internet? Does it allow people to adapt to new fashion styles and designs that are in or is it just there? Have tutorials and Fashion Blogs really helped people? To that question I would have to say Yes; considering I myself have used Youtube Fashion Tutorials on "How To's" in order to figure out how to do my makeup a certain way or even how to cut out a Tshirt and make a funky design. Has the Internet really changed and advanced the fashion world? Thats my main point I am trying to get across.

So far what I have liked about my project is actually doing the research and finding out cool things about the fashion industry. Seeing as you are able to watch a fashion show online streaming live during Fashion Week in New York City it amazing to me. That was something not available to the public but only to those who had connections or where at the top of the line celebrities and fashion designers. To be apart of it from the comfort of your own home is amazing to me. Also how many people have fashion blogs, everyone has their own take on fashion especially when you are searching the internet you find everything and anything about a certain style done differently.

People have been more aware of what is going on around them in the world with the internet and being able to get a hold of these tutorials, blogs, and fashion videos its really opening a door to people and their ideas. You have people branching out and giving advice setting themselves up on their own with out anyones help and if they are good enough they will make it. Thats what Youtube has set itself up to be. A gateway for people to explore and find themselves.

Something that is a great example of how the internet has helped the fashion world not only to the consumers but the designers. I found an article that basically was saying how a customer/fan posted on Marc Jacobs Twitter page saying how they wish they had bigger sizes. Marc Jacobs went out and created a line for larger sizes to not only attract the thing but also the busty women so that everyone can enjoy his designs. He expanded and has benefited him just as much as it has benefited his consumers. I find this very interesting considering how much people spend worrying about how they look that a designer is suiting to them not the other way around.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rima's Abstract Ideas

Thinking about my abstract I think I have to expand on the Idea behind my project being, how social media and the internet has expanded and allowed the Fashion Industry to expand and improve. Using site like Facebook and Twitter to get intouch with the customers, the fashion industry has improved its sales tremendously. Then I want to expand on how people use the internet as a tool as well, not only to follow other people in the fashion world and connect but to also be apart of it and get tips and advice on how to get a certain look. How to obtain that look for less as well and where to find certain things. Also how sites such as Youtube, allowing regular people like you and me be able to get into that world by being able to watch fashion shows online streaming live, it is not only for the rich and famous anymore but also for that "average joe".

Those are some of the ideas i would like to get involved into my abstract and in my project as a whole. The internet has opened up a door for people to get in touch with others in the Fashion world allowing them to not only benefit themselves but also to benefit the people that own the company's.

Lessig Ch 6-8

I thought this section of Lessig was very interesting especially when reading about the "war against VCR". He brings up Netflix which I thought was very interesting, considering its my main source of watching TV shows and Movies. Its really interesting to see what it has become and you dont really notice how much of an impact sites like this have. I never buy DVD's or movies from Blockbuster or from the movie store anymore because you Have the movie at the tip of your fingers. Especially being in College you have no time to actually go out and spend money on movies anymore.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Project in relation to Lessig

My project is similar in relation to Lessig to what he is talking about because of how the topic im using "Fashion" is being spread out and put into the media in different ways. Whether it be on youtube or in a written manner as a step by step direction in doing something. Lessig talks about the 3 layers of writing with the blog post -> tagging a link within a blog -> collection of whatever you are hyperlinking. The message is being sent across by doing all these things, people look at your blog they take whats being put on it to their use especially in the fashion blog they are mostly on "how to's"

Response to Lessig Ch 3-5

This was an interesting read considering how much we use the internet today especially to get music and read books and articles. Its funny tho in Ch 3 when he talks about downloading music and Napster and the sprout of itunes how its changed from being illegal to download music to finally becoming legal but at a certain price. Although we still download illegally. I dont know many people who still dont use sites like lime-wire or Frostwire to obtain music for free. Even sites like Netflix has come about to bring a new idea to watching movies for free legally. Even Youtube being sued and bloggers about posting videos up about the oscars how their was a legal suit because of items that are copywritten the whole idea of getting video clips and watching movies off youtube being put by viewers instead of the companies producing them theirselves.
When going onto chapter 4 on the topic of "asking permission" for using quotes from written material i think the idea is a little much. When writing papers many people tend to expand on the idea with quotes used by other people. Its just normal and a norm, why should we have to ask who said it if we could use it, thats what work citeds are for.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughts on Trailer

Im thinking of basing my project on how the internet has been used as a major tool in the fashion industry. Especially when it comes to tutorial's and on how to's with style whether it be makeup, fashion, or hair styles of right now. It allows everyone to be updated on the latest fashion and what/what not to wear. By using youtube as well as using other sites it allows us to be in the now.

I Thought it was interesting finding how major fashion companies have sought out using different social media sites to fix their brand up and make it better for the consumers. As I found in one article Marc Jacobs had a tweet post from a consumer saying that they wished that Marc Jacobs had larger sizes for women. So with that Marc Jacobs went out and decided to create a whole line for plus sized woman to in a sense attract and expand this consumers so that they too can enjoy his clothing. That was a smart way to find out what the people wanted and it also was a great way for the consumer and the owners to kind of work together in order to benefit each other. So I find it every interesting how this whole Social Networking has allowed the fashion industry to expand its boundaries with its consumers. With this being said, I want to base my project on how all these Networks and the Internet has allowed the Fashion Industry to expand and go above and beyond and actually get in touch with its consumers by using different sites and attracting more buyers as well as getting to the needs to its consumers quicker. Not only that but also by attracting people to go out and put their fashion sense out to give ideas to others by using blogs and tutorials and how to's

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I thought that this reading on Lessig was very interesting. Our whole generation is built up on borrowing works of others as well as ideas. Understanding that it is not always stealing that just claiming an idea or backing it up by using someone else's work with the same idea. Lessig says "That we need to call a truce so that normal behavior is not considered criminal, and he's right because people are being prosecuted because of these copyright laws , especially students in college.