Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rima's Abstract Ideas

Thinking about my abstract I think I have to expand on the Idea behind my project being, how social media and the internet has expanded and allowed the Fashion Industry to expand and improve. Using site like Facebook and Twitter to get intouch with the customers, the fashion industry has improved its sales tremendously. Then I want to expand on how people use the internet as a tool as well, not only to follow other people in the fashion world and connect but to also be apart of it and get tips and advice on how to get a certain look. How to obtain that look for less as well and where to find certain things. Also how sites such as Youtube, allowing regular people like you and me be able to get into that world by being able to watch fashion shows online streaming live, it is not only for the rich and famous anymore but also for that "average joe".

Those are some of the ideas i would like to get involved into my abstract and in my project as a whole. The internet has opened up a door for people to get in touch with others in the Fashion world allowing them to not only benefit themselves but also to benefit the people that own the company's.

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