Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughts on Trailer

Im thinking of basing my project on how the internet has been used as a major tool in the fashion industry. Especially when it comes to tutorial's and on how to's with style whether it be makeup, fashion, or hair styles of right now. It allows everyone to be updated on the latest fashion and what/what not to wear. By using youtube as well as using other sites it allows us to be in the now.

I Thought it was interesting finding how major fashion companies have sought out using different social media sites to fix their brand up and make it better for the consumers. As I found in one article Marc Jacobs had a tweet post from a consumer saying that they wished that Marc Jacobs had larger sizes for women. So with that Marc Jacobs went out and decided to create a whole line for plus sized woman to in a sense attract and expand this consumers so that they too can enjoy his clothing. That was a smart way to find out what the people wanted and it also was a great way for the consumer and the owners to kind of work together in order to benefit each other. So I find it every interesting how this whole Social Networking has allowed the fashion industry to expand its boundaries with its consumers. With this being said, I want to base my project on how all these Networks and the Internet has allowed the Fashion Industry to expand and go above and beyond and actually get in touch with its consumers by using different sites and attracting more buyers as well as getting to the needs to its consumers quicker. Not only that but also by attracting people to go out and put their fashion sense out to give ideas to others by using blogs and tutorials and how to's

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