Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project Ideas

One of the key questions for my project is how much has the fashion industry been affected by social media especially with the internet? Does it allow people to adapt to new fashion styles and designs that are in or is it just there? Have tutorials and Fashion Blogs really helped people? To that question I would have to say Yes; considering I myself have used Youtube Fashion Tutorials on "How To's" in order to figure out how to do my makeup a certain way or even how to cut out a Tshirt and make a funky design. Has the Internet really changed and advanced the fashion world? Thats my main point I am trying to get across.

So far what I have liked about my project is actually doing the research and finding out cool things about the fashion industry. Seeing as you are able to watch a fashion show online streaming live during Fashion Week in New York City it amazing to me. That was something not available to the public but only to those who had connections or where at the top of the line celebrities and fashion designers. To be apart of it from the comfort of your own home is amazing to me. Also how many people have fashion blogs, everyone has their own take on fashion especially when you are searching the internet you find everything and anything about a certain style done differently.

People have been more aware of what is going on around them in the world with the internet and being able to get a hold of these tutorials, blogs, and fashion videos its really opening a door to people and their ideas. You have people branching out and giving advice setting themselves up on their own with out anyones help and if they are good enough they will make it. Thats what Youtube has set itself up to be. A gateway for people to explore and find themselves.

Something that is a great example of how the internet has helped the fashion world not only to the consumers but the designers. I found an article that basically was saying how a customer/fan posted on Marc Jacobs Twitter page saying how they wish they had bigger sizes. Marc Jacobs went out and created a line for larger sizes to not only attract the thing but also the busty women so that everyone can enjoy his designs. He expanded and has benefited him just as much as it has benefited his consumers. I find this very interesting considering how much people spend worrying about how they look that a designer is suiting to them not the other way around.

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