Tuesday, November 8, 2011

learning to love you more

I thought this was a very interesting site. It was fun and cool and it was "funky" you could say. I enjoyed looking at this site "Learning to love you more". Although i didnt really understand some of the posts like Assignment#19 which said "Illustrate a scene or make an object from Paul Arensmeyer's life story." I thought that was kind of weird because how does that allow to "learn to love you more ". It just didnt really make sense although there where a bunch of cool ones like "make a paper replica of your bed". I just dont understand how that would make you love more but at the same time when you think of it just gives you a bunch of fun and outgoing things to do. It even gives you how to's at the bottom of each assignment. Although when reading a lot of the other posts that we see in the site their are a lot of helping things that actually make someone feel better about themselves because it is all about doing good. The site is full of excitement and well doing.

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