Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Body a Wunderkammer

This was kind of a weird site .... a little tmi not going to lie. I dont know who would put this info online its kind of creepy. I mean in a way its kind of creative, although out of the loop its a very strange thing to do. Its very artsy and a great way to express personal feeling, although is it something to post online ? I thought it was creative how it was broken down into different body parts and different stories to each part of the body. I kind of feel like she was doing this for attention.
This is a never ending story there are all these little links that lead to another story. Which is cool its like a different way to tell a story. It kind of makes me think of a an online novel. Shes very sexual in this site/story. You dont get the idea behind who she is when you first start reading it, its kind of weird. I was kind of uncomfortable reading this. I dont know what else to say. Although it makes me think has she created other online novels? This is a different site not going to lie.
She talks about her body and not being able to have a penis and branched out on talking about the divide between the sexes and how it isnt fair. Although shes talking about physical factors.
The site itself is created to seem as though you are creating a story of your own by reading hers, there is no order of reading the links because it is a site that one link branches into another linked story of her experiences.

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