Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I thought it was interesting seeing how people had first used sites such as YouTube. Seeing that the first video was of a man who took pictures of himself everyday for I believe 6 years! Thats insane how do you remember to take pictures of yourself for 6 years everyday!!! Seeing how the Numa Numa dance had been the most famous video on the Web and to see how people have posted and used the site to do their own videos and how much sites like YouTube have created a new like and a new door to people. It has created a new door for people and I think thats a very interesting thing. YouTube has created a door to people to see past what they where able to see before. People are able to see fashion shows streaming live, you where able to watch the Royal Wedding from start to finish Live as well as other details. It is a great site ! Even when it comes to watching music videos and opening up doors to other things it is an amazing tool.

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